Belfast Lough Yachting Conference

About Us

The Belfast Lough Yachting Conference (BLYC) is made up of representatives from all of the ten clubs around Belfast Lough. It helps organize the dates of the regattas in Belfast Lough so that clashes are avoided. Some clubs have tidal restrictions or run major events and so these constraints are taken into account. BLYC also discusses and agrees on potential changes to the regatta format, such as the classes involved and the rating system that will be used.


It provides a number of Standard Sailing Instructions which apply to all BLYC member club’s regattas (unless modified by that individual club) and a list of boats by class on this website so that individual race officers can identify the boats at a regatta. In conjunction with each individual club, the BLYC publish (also on this website) an agreed set of further Sailing Instructions for that club’s regatta.


Links to the websites of each of the member clubs are also provided.


CIBC Regatta 2023



The scenery on Belfast Lough is breathtaking, and there's always something new to discover. As a beginner sailor, I've found that the lough offers a great mix of challenges and opportunities to learn. Yacht racing is a thrilling way to push myself and meet other sailing enthusiasts. 

My name is Sofia, and I've only been sailing for a few months, but I'm already hooked